Dennis P. Murray

Dennis is recognized as an A/V Install and Telephony subject matter expert (SME) with extensive experience in surreptitious operations. During his 31-year career with the FBI, Dennis served as Surreptitious Entry and A/V Install Supervisor with the FBI Tactical Operations Support Center (TOSC).

As Supervisor, he was directly responsible for the planning, operational control and execution of all surreptitious operations conducted by the FBI, other United States Intelligence community agencies, and state/local law enforcement entities. Dennis oversaw the research and development of electronic surveillance equipment. He also provided technical assistance to FBI personnel for all criminal and Foreign Counter-Intelligence matters.

During Dennis’ FBI career, his other accomplishments included –

  • responsibility for technical and operational support to all FBI field offices for closed-circuit television systems, microphone systems and telephone infrastructure
  • oversight of training of all new technical-trained Agents in the above fields, as well as electronic surveillance matters, security equipment, and the development of user-friendly deployable closed-circuit television concealments.
  • supervision of research and development efforts to realistically address anticipated future FBI A/V and telephony needs
  • investigation of Foreign Counter-Intelligence (FCI) matters, including gathering evidence and testifying in federal and state judicial courts

Dennis holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. He served for five years in the United States Army Reserve.