Alarm Systems for Home or Business


TOSS Alarm Monitoring for residential and industrial intrusion detection systems is available for your home or business. We offer our services at significantly reduced prices than our competitors.  Security features include 24/7/365 monitoring, remote arming and disarming, redundant services for added security and cellular communications.   TOSS has three monitoring centers for fast response time when an alarm has been activated.  Each is designed as a backup for the designated primary center.  Connectivity between the secure location and the monitoring facility is via any one of the following protocols or all three for redundancy purposes: GSM radio, Internet or plain old telephone system (POTS).  TOSS will provide monitoring service on existing systems or design and install new systems to meet and exceed client’s expectations.  

Video monitoring is available at reduced pricing for remote viewing via smart devices, video recording, email notifications along with other features that are triggered by motion detection.  When trouble occurs, video is recorded automatically and notifications are sent simultaneously to authorized individuals resulting from the cameras motion detection parameters being violated.  A trouble or alarm triggering will notify the police or fire departments, notify owner or designated family/staff member, send an email notifying receiver that an alarm event occurred while video recording the violation via strategically placed camera.