We Focus on EFFECTIVE Learning Because During Operations, "There is No Second Place"

We teach the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), but also provide the intangibles – what to anticipate, what challenges you may encounter, and the perseverance required for a no-fail mission. Because of our strong educational backgrounds, we can work individually with operational requirements and skill-sets to get the most out of each attendee and ensure a personal best for performance. Our real-life training exercises provide an operational learning experience that remains with the participants long after the training session is complete.


Course Offerings

TOSS training programs can be tailored to meet your mission-specific/geographic training objectives with operationally viable tools inclusive with each course:

  • Vehicle Acquisition/Entry Operations
  • Clandestine Method of Entry Operations
  • Close Target Reconnaissance Operations
  • Close Harbor Reconnaissance Operations
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation Operations
  • Physical Surveillance/Surveillance Detection Operations
  • Tactical/Technical Surveillance Operations
  • Maritime Technical Surveillance Operations
  • Situational Awareness/Tactical Decision-Making Under Stress
  • Advanced Alarm By-pass
  • Fabrication, Concealments & Restoration
  • Foreign and Domestic Operational Readiness Exercises (ORE)/Full Mission Profile (FMP) Support
  • Human Intelligence Operations
  • Tactical Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

TOSS also provides customized courses of instruction (COI) for specific client needs. For more information on our curriculum, please contact us.


The TOSS management team leads curriculum development and training. The TOSS cadre of specialists represent the broad spectrum of federal law enforcement, intelligence and military special operations backgrounds. All TOSS instructors have extensive operational expertise, which resulted in many arrests/captures/disruptions in support of criminal, foreign counterintelligence, and terrorism-related  cases and missions.  TOSS continues to recruit highly qualified instructors on a selective basis to ensure our clients always have access to the latest insights, techniques, and leaders in their respective fields. 

A-76 Institute

TOSS works with the A-76 Institute to provide a full range of security services to meet each clients unique operational requirements. For more information on the A-76 Institute and GSA approved courses, please visit: http://www.a76institute.com/