TOSS Security Solutions: Threat Assessment

Tactical Operations Support Services (TOSS) is operated by former FBI Supervisory Special Agents. During their careers with the FBI, they were all members of the Bureau’s elite Special Operations Branch whose mission focus was on covert operations in support of Criminal and National Security investigations with a collateral responsibility of designing and implementing physical, technical and information security standards for the Bureau.  Their role was expanded to include strategic US assets overseas in response to the World Trade Center attack on 9/11.  TOSS principles also include Special Operations Force operators who provided Force Protection across the threat spectrum for DOD and US assets throughout the world. 

The expanded TOSS team has a broad spectrum of specialists with Federal Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Industrial and Military Operations Backgrounds who provide a comprehensive assessment service to evaluate the current state of an organization’s security and safety landscape, focusing on established policy, procedures, security and safety hardware platforms, and human resource requirements. The TOSS blending of various security disciplines allows us to provide unique solutions.  Based on the TOSS red team experience, assessments are conducted from both an internal and external perspective, ensuring a comprehensive analysis to industry best practices.

The objective of a TOSS security and safety Threat Assessment is to provide the customer with a report that identifies existing vulnerabilities within the reviewed security, safety and IT landscapes and offer specific recommendations to mitigate the risk level to an acceptable level.  TOSS can evaluate your organization’s entire security landscape including, physical security, personnel security, travel security, industrial espionage, internal threats, and cyber threats.  TOSS is expert in providing security solutions due to our people and our proprietary methods.  The overall results for the organization will be a strategic plan, consistent with inherent organizational concerns and specific business needs that prioritize follow-up actions in a high, medium and low priority time line to isolate and mitigate risks, safeguard assets and prevent security breaches.


TOSS will work with you to provide an all-encompassing plan that solves your security needs with the best-value solution.  The Threat Assessment will include:

Phase 1. Immediate Threats: Determine if there are urgent threats and develop immediate steps to mitigate them.

Phase 2. Threat Assessment: A thorough, TOSS proprietary Threat Assessment is completed utilizing all sources of information. 

Phase 3. Define Risk:  Establish the level of risk.

Phase 4. Mitigate: Develop factors to mitigate risk.

Phase 5. Provide security solutions.

Phase 6. Provide continued security solutions as required.